Sunday, 22 September 2013

John Salminen

Chicago River by John Salminen

John Salminen AWS DF, NWS as he uses the language of design to build a complex layered abstraction. The design analysis and thinking he uses may be applied to any subject or medium. John begins with simple objects as a springboard to suggest shapes and line. He then launches on a sequence of steps to create intriguing and unpredictable effects all the while using design principles to create a cohesive captivating painting.
He floods in warm tones, dry brush blending, scrapes in darks, and masks lines. He creates a variety of line and edge qualities, careful to always add to the whole. John explains the rationale for each step. He capitalizes on the strengths of watercolor - delicate and subtle middle values. He verbalizes his composition and problem solving strategies and uses the design principles of dominance, texture, linkage, and repetition to bring unity to the painting. John uses a variety of techniques to create interest - salt, dry brush blending, splattering, mouth atomizer, collage, and acrylics.



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